Real Estate and Property

Real Estate and Property

Real Estate and Property - Practice Area

For most people, purchasing a property is the single biggest transaction they will ever make. Often, they will commit to a large level of debt, which they may be paying off for the rest of their working life. 

As a property lawyer, you could be involved in many types of property-based transactions. At the start of your career, you will work on drafting contracts and related documents and progress towards negotiations between parties. In most firms, junior lawyers often handle small value property matters on their own. 

A number of people in property law choose to specialise, whereas others prefer to be general practitioners and work in all areas of property. 

The daily tasks of a property lawyer include negotiating property transactions, structuring arrangements for conveyancing or investments, and preparing documentation, such as contracts, to finalize transactions. Solicitors will also collect relevant property information from surveyors and confirm that the party selling the property is the rightful owner. 

Our real estate lawyers have a widespread understanding of the local real estate and property practices, which is very important in effectively dealing with property issues in Tamil Nadu. We

represent buyers, sellers and developers of residential and commercial properties. We assist with documentation drafting and registration such as sale deeds and sale agreements. 

We advise and represent clients with planning permissions and other land use proceedings with government planning authorities. We have expertise in landlord-tenant matters under the Tamil Nadu Buildings Lease and Rent Control Act and related rented property disputes including residential and commercial leasing. 

We understand that buying property today can be risky. We conduct property title searches and produce legal opinions. This opinion will serve, as a confirmation that any transaction related to the property will be effective and enforceable under the local applicable laws, thus reducing the risks of property related litigation arising in the future. 

Our team is also equipped to handle personal property related matters including: – Partition deeds; 

– Gift deeds; 

– Wills and Probate; 

– Applying for Letters of Administration of estate; 

– Powers of Attorney.

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Legal advice is the application of abstract principles of law to the concrete facts of the client’s case in order to advise the client about what they should do next. In many countries, only a properly licensed lawyer may provide legal advice.