Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation - Practice Area

Commercial litigation involves virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the business context. This includes breach of contract cases, partnership or joint venture disputes, shareholder issues, misleading and deceptive conduct, unconscionable conduct, breach of trust, breach of confidentiality, restrictive trade practices, building disputes (domestic and commercial), planning and environment matters, tenancy disputes (residential, retail and commercial), debt recovery matters and more. 

If a dispute needs to be heard before a court or tribunal, then we will provide you with representation that is second-to-none, either having one of our own Lawyers appear or, where appropriate, briefing Barristers to appear (being Lawyers who are in court all day, every day). 

An experienced and skilled commercial litigation lawyer is an invaluable resource for businesses throughout the private sector and is very common throughout the business world. Every year there are literally millions of commercial litigation lawsuits filed in the United States which means any and every kind of business could encounter a commercial lawsuit. 

Commercial and business litigation involves legal matters and disputes which relate to commercial business. There are multiple scenarios which commercial litigation includes from class actions to breach of contract and more. 

There are also a number of venues where a commercial litigation lawyer can represent a client including federal courts, administrative hearings, mediation, state courts, arbitration, pre-litigation counseling, and private arbitration. The venue is predominantly dependant on the details of the case and what is required. 

Some of the specific corporate and commercial sector matters we deal with are:

– Recovery suits 

– Disputes settlement 

– Directors’ liability 

– Oppression and Mismanagement 

– Winding up 

– Commercial Debt Recovery

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